March 10 2SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to require vehicles to stop for stopped school buses on public highways located on public school grounds passed the Senate on Thursday.

“We have had numerous instances in Bunker Hill where cars fail to stop before passing a school bus, which poses a serious danger,” said Manar. “In the end, this plan centers on providing for the safety of our students and motorists alike.”

Currently, there is a public highway located on public school property in Bunker Hill and due to a caveat in the law motorists were not being ticketed for illegally passing stopped school buses on this road.

Senate Bill 2835 clarifies that within law, vehicles will now have to stop for school buses on roads such as these.

“Even though this is in response to a particular incident, this will absolutely help create a safer environment for school buses on our roadways across the entire state,” Manar said.

Jennifer Watson, the Macoupin County state’s attorney, also weighed in on the impact of the plan.

“School bus loading and unloading zones in school parking lots are one of the most dangerous areas for our children,” said Watson. “This bill introduced by Senator Manar will protect our children in these areas and will help with the prosecution of violators.”

Senate Bill 2835 passed by a 57-0 vote and now moves to the House for consideration.

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