bath salts passedSPRINGFIELD — State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to fight the proliferation of bath salts sold by Illinois retailers was signed into law Monday after passing the House and Senate with full bipartisan support.

Bath salts, specifically known as synthetic cathinones, can be consumed in a variety of ways and can mimic the effect of amphetamine or PCP, often causing hallucinations.

“These drugs are extremely dangerous and have unpredictable effects on the user,” Manar said. “This plan gives our law enforcement officials more power to get them off our streets.”

Senate Bill 210 creates the Bath Salts Prohibition Act and bans Illinois retailers from selling synthetic cathinones that commonly are labeled as bath salts, plant food or jewelry cleaner.

Under the proposal, a retailer that is convicted of selling bath salts can have its retail license revoked, and guilty offenders can be charged with a Class 3 felony.

Christian County State’s Attorney Mike Havera testified in support of the bill before a Senate committee on April 13.

“It’s a different type of drug based on the commercial marketing of the drug targeting youth and targeting the ignorant or uneducated public, trying to market it as something that is not illegal,” Havera said.

“With my four years as public defender, I didn’t have any armed robbery cases. In less than four years as the Christian County state’s attorney we’ve had 10 armed robberies, and six of those attributable to bath salts. So we’re also seeing a violent nature…we’re seeing violent crimes quite often.”

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