bath saltsSPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to halt the proliferation of bath salts being sold by Illinois retailers passed through the Illinois Senate on Thursday.

Bath salts, specifically known as synthetic cathinones, can be consumed in multiple different ways by the user, and can mimic the effect of amphetamine or PCP and often times causes hallucinations.

“There has been a disturbing trend of abuse of these synthetic drugs over the past few years in Illinois and most notably in rural parts of the state,” Manar said. “This plan would help authorities stop the spread of bath salts by closing stores that knowingly sell these extremely dangerous and volatile drugs.”

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March 10 2SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to require vehicles to stop for stopped school buses on public highways located on public school grounds passed the Senate on Thursday.

“We have had numerous instances in Bunker Hill where cars fail to stop before passing a school bus, which poses a serious danger,” said Manar. “In the end, this plan centers on providing for the safety of our students and motorists alike.”

Currently, there is a public highway located on public school property in Bunker Hill and due to a caveat in the law motorists were not being ticketed for illegally passing stopped school buses on this road.

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ag ed rauner presser responseSPRINGFIELD—State Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) issued the following statement after the governor’s comments regarding Illinois agriculture on Tuesday.

“The governor repeatedly mentions the fact that Illinois’ economy is driven by agriculture but at the same time he wants to completely eliminate agriculture education funding in the state.

“Agriculture education programs allow for our young students interested in careers in agriculture to be educated and prepared to enter that workforce. Without that funding, many school districts would completely eliminate their programs.

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SGOP presserSPRINGFIELD—After a press conference by Senate Republicans calling for support of the governor’s plan to fund education in Illinois, state Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) issued the following statement:

“If we all recognize that our current funding formula is broken, why would the Republicans want to max out the money going into it? Let’s do the work and give taxpayers a better product. We have an obligation to provide the best quality education possible for our students, and until our formula is changed we are prevented from doing that.

Read more: GOP education funding plan will not solve Illinois’ inequitable education system

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