avr passes houseSPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to streamline the voter registration process in Illinois was approved by the Illinois House of Representatives today.

“We passed this measure with bipartisan support in both chambers. Increasing voter turnout, saving the state money and strengthening our democratic voting process are easy principles to support,” Manar said. “I would urge the governor to sign this immediately, so that our state agencies and board of election can begin the necessary transitions.”

Senate Bill 250 would allow for the Secretary of State’s office and similar state agencies to submit eligible voters information to the State Board of Elections when they visit their facilities for services.

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save the museumSPRINGFIELD—After months of advocacy and numerous legislative initiatives by Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill), the Illinois Department of Natural Resources recently announced a plan to reopen the state museum.

Following the announcement, Manar issued the following statement:

“This decision is long overdue. Even though the museum was closed, the employees were still reporting to work every day so we weren’t achieving any savings.

“Reopening the museum is an easy, common sense decision.”

“I want to thank all of those involved who worked to reopen the state museum since the governor closed it in October.

“I’m pleased that we could find a way to give the public access to this great resource once again.”

In response to the museum closure, Senator Manar sponsored four legislative measures, Senate Bill 2161, Senate Bill 572, House Bill 5783 and Senate Bill 317, all of which would have reopened the state museums to the public.

AVR passes senateSPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to streamline the voter registration process in Illinois was approved by the Illinois Senate today.

“The basic information that the secretary of state’s office and other state agencies get on a daily basis is everything an individual needs to register to vote. So, this plan would simply allow for you to begin the voter registration process in the same time it takes to update your license or get a state ID card,” Manar said. “This plan will help boost voter turnout, save the state money and ensure that every eligible voter in Illinois has the chance to exercise their right.”

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clean coalSPRINGFIELD- State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to re-invest in clean coal would help jolt the industry that has endured a crippling decrease over the years.

“The coal industry was a major source of income and jobs for the rural parts of our state. When it started to slow down, thousands of jobs were downsized and many mines were closed,” said Manar. “Investing in clean coal technology and creating a system for those companies to partner with local utility companies will give this industry a much-needed boost.”

The plan, Senate Bill 3426, would create the Clean Coal Technology Development and Utilization Fund and call for greater investments in clean coal producers on behalf of the state. The fund would then be solely used to fund clean coal project investments by the Illinois Finance Authority.

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