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Welcome to your guide of the beautiful midwestern U.S state -Illinois! You may often hear it referred to as ”the Prairie State” too, this nickname dates all the way back to the 1800s when Illinois was virtually covered in prairie grasses. Needless to say, this was long before its popularity grew and European settlers made it their home. In the north, the state is bordered by Wisconsin, Indiana, Lake Michigan and Kentucky. In the east, it’s bordered by Kentucky and Missouri. In the south, it’s bordered by Missouri and Missouri and Iowa in the west. As of 2021, the population stands at 12.85 million and the state attracts over 120 million visitors each year! And there are good reasons for this.

Thinking of visiting Illinois but unsure whether it’s the right destination for you? this blog will give you a great deal of different information about Illinois. Find out about sightseeing tours, art galleries, casinos, historical sites and even things to do if when you’re relaxing in your accommodation, such as playing at one of the best online casinos. And if you’re looking for the best accommodation, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even answer a huge variety of FAQs for any burning questions you might still have after reading our guide. Whatever your interests are, you will find plenty to do in Illinois for your family members and friends to enjoy. Read on so you can be prepared to get out and about in Illinois and enjoy your stay to the maximum.

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