What is the best time to visit Illinois?

The best time to visit Illinois undoubtedly in the warm summer months from June – August. The weather during these months is humid and warm with clear blue skies. This isn’t just the best time to visit weather-wise but also because you can experience lots of different events that take place. This includes fairs, festivals, concerts, parades and more! If you prefer to visit when it’s quieter, April and May is also a great time to visit.

What food should I try in Illinois?

Illinois is famous for many different types of foods that you must try (your taste buds will thank you). This includes sports peppers, chicken Vesuvio, Mother-in-Law, Maxwell street Polish, Chicago-style stuffed pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, twinkies and so much more. One thing is for sure, there are some seriously tasty flavours to experience!

What are the best cities in Illinois to visit?

The top cities to visit Illinois include Chicago, Springfield, Rockford, Joliet, Aurora, Naperville, Peoria, Bloomington, Cicero and Champaign. These cities are the ones that attract the most tourists each year and offer the most attractions.

What Attractions Should I Visit in Illinois?

Here are the 12 top-voted attractions to visit in Illinois:

  1. The Art Insititute of Chicago
  2. Field Musemn
  3. Navy Pier
  4. Millennium Park
  5. Shedd Aquarium
  6. The Musemn of Science and Industry
  7. Willis Tower
  8. Cloud Gate
  9. Lincoln Zoo
  10. Museum of Contemporary Art
  11. Skydeck Chicago
  12. Alder Planetarium

Which city offers the most in Illinois?

Needless to say, it depends on what you’re looking for as an individual. Some people are looking for nightlife some for a relaxing peaceful stay. Check out what each city has to offer before making a decision, our Best Cities in Illinois page will help! Nonetheless, Chicago is rated the best city to visit in Illinois! It’s the largest and offers the most for tourists to see.

What Wildlife is found is found in Illinois?

Black bears, bobcats, white-tailed deer are a few of the common mammals found in Illinois. If you’re a bird lover then you will find many different species of birds too. Such as meadowlark, bluebirds, quails, orioles, and northern cardinals (the state bird). The most common reptiles include snapping turtles, scarlet snakes and five-lined skinks. And amphibians include American toads, western chorus frogs and tiger salamanders.

What are the best places to visit as a family in Illinois?

  1. 360 Chicago Observation Deck — Chicago
  2. Starved Rock State Park — Oglesby
  3. Six Flags Great America — Gurnee
  4. Chicago River Architecture Cruise — Chicago
  5. Illinois Beach State Park — Zion
  6. Great Wolf Lodge Illinois — Gurnee

Is Illinois a safe place to visit?

Overall, Illinois is a safe place to visit whilst on vacation. However, the crime rate is higher than most U.S states which crime typically taking place at nighttime. But it pays to be sensible, responsible and respectful anywhere new that you are visiting.

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